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About Us

The Institute For Manifesting Miracles is a personal empowerment organization. We provide courses, seminars and guidebooks that teach how to access and direct personal power to produce abundance in all areas of life by using universal laws which have existed since the beginning of time.  You have everything inside you you need to thrive and you know it.  You just may not know that you know it.

Kathy Lewis - Founder & CEO

There is a saying that states “don’t be so spiritual that you become no earthly good.” Kathy Lewis, President of the Institute For Manifesting Miracles and also known as “The Miracle Queen” has mastered that balance. Her wings are in the air and feet are on the ground. That kind of stability has given her the insight, knowledge and wisdom to be able to guide people to a place where they can break through their “status quo” into the realm of possibilities and a life of abundance.

In 2017 Kathy created The Institute For Manifesting Miracles. Although the school is relatively new, Kathy's experience teaching and helping people break through "stuck states" is not. For over thirty years she has formally and informally coached friends, students and referral clients. She has also been a leader in many spiritual groups. Her "no nonsense" attitude combined with her loving spirit, sense of humor, story telling ability coupled with her own miraculous healing experiences make for captivated audiences, clients and students.  Throughout her life she encountered many health challenges (including cancer). She credits her miraculous recoveries in large part to her firm belief and utilization of universal laws.

Before establishing the Institute For Manifesting Miracles, Kathy established one of the top rated mortgage schools in the country, training 10,000 plus students. She also created a non-profit that provided interview clothes for men and women who were trying to find a job. Before that she was an onsite sales agent for a major homebuilder when interest rates were upwards of 16.5%. That year, she sold over 160 homes.  She credits her success to her consistent utilization of the laws of abundance.

Ms. Lewis’ communication skills, combined with her years of teaching and personal life experiences, make her a powerful teacher, speaker, writer and coach.  For further information call or text Kathy Davis at (404) 226-4032.